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Burning Man

Burning Man Contradance Camp

CANCELED for 2023

We are sorry but we needed to cancel camp for 2023.    Several of the key organizers had or will have major life events during 2023 and are unable to make the commitments needed to run a successful camp.

The Burning Man organization has already assured us that we will retain our "Good Standing" status for 2024 camp placement.

We plan to use the year to be better positioned, to make 2024 our best year ever. 

Meanwhile considered volunteering for some other roles on the Playa: several of our campers have been temple guardians, rangers, lamplighters, etc.    Some volunteer roles might include opportunities to get tickets outside of the main sale.

We will be making organizational announcements, here on the website and on past camp mailing lists.

Matt Mathis, on behalf of the board and other organizers.