Our 2016 campers (with a few extras):

Our callers Frannie Marr, Michael Karcher, and Emily Rush:

One of our many band configurations: James Wilson, Scotty Leach, Ben Schreiber, Chris Knepper, Audrey Knuth, Rex Blazer, Eva Leach with Michael Karcher calling.


David Pokorney: FB1 FB2 FB3 FB4

The rest of this page was taken from Mark Stowe's photo report to BMORG.

Background to the photos: We had six dances that were on the schedule - MWF evenings and TThSa mornings, and two that were not on T and Th evening. Also jams for the musicians most afternoons under our tent, as well as jams at other musical venues around BRC.

Some stills during the day:

Some stills at night during our dances.

An aerial showing our dance tent (red arrow) with cooking and dining tents behind, and the tent of our partner camp Minstrel CrAMP (blue arrow).

​Stills of some of our dances and jams.

links to video of one evening and one morning dance.



Thanks for all you do. Looking forward to next year, Mark/Spiderman