Camp Dues

We have some significant external donors and matching corporate funds. Check out our 2019 Budget and Ledger, if you want to know more details.

The 2019 fees are as follows:

$482 = $425+$57 Burning Man entry ticket, fees and postage.

(Through us or some other source).

$118 = $100+$18 Vehicle pass, fees and postage (one per vehicle)

(Actual 2019 price for 2 tickets + 1 VP is $1081.54, total rounding error is $0.46)

If you are getting tickets through the camp ticket exchange, please wait for payment instructions.

$200.00 Camp dues

This will be approximately 50% camping expenses (Kitchen and food, shade, water, grey water, etc), and 50% in support of our art (sponsoring talent, stage, sound, dance floor, signs and storage for next year). The art support should be tax deductible, the camping expenses are not.

$ANYTHING Extra sponsorship.

---------- Total yourself

This is officially a sliding scale: if the fees cause hardship they can be deferred or waived. Please inform of your intent. Note that many charges hit in the off season. Extra time is also an option.

In past years a couple of people gifted extra tickets to camp. After the new year we will issue tax receipts for all donations (Not including ticket purchases and camping expenses for which you receive direct benefit).

* We are a 501(c)3, registered with Benvity and eligible for matching donations from many employers. See the donations page.



You are welcome to use “friends and family” to save fees. Please put your name in the comment field just in case I can’t match up your paypal account for some reason.


Please make checks out to:

Contraburners, Inc

℅ Matt Mathis

PO Box 390335

Mountain View, CA 94039-0335


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