Playa Prep

There are way too many recommendation for how to prepare. Find one that matches your style and level of organization. Scan others for ideas, but your head will explode if you try merge them.

Two official sources:

    • Read BMORG's "Preparation" site. (This is generic good advice.)

    • Read BMORG's Survival Guide. A printed version will be mailed with tickets. The online version is only updated at the last moment, but 95% of the information is the same every year.

High level points for camping with us (or anybody else for that matter):

    • Dust gear is critical: mask and goggles (camp has some extra, but please don't depend on them).

    • Night is cold: often below 40F and sometimes even frost. Any evening "costume" has to be warm.

    • Do bring emergency food and water, just in case you get stuck on the highway.

    • Please don't bring meals for other campers with out coordinating with Quat (Kitchen manager).

    • If you have the space, Please bring water above your share to contribute to camp.

    • If you can bring some bikes, do that too (at least one). Camp has about half as many bikes as people. (But there are camps that provide bikes.)

    • Please don't bring trinkets (future moop) for gifting. Dance will be your gift to the Playa

The most complete (OCD) packing list that I know of is this one: I would NOT follow it literally, but it is a good starting point.

Here is my general advice: (Try to) pack like you camping in the middle of a f'ing desert that is trying to kill you, because you are. But then remember that you will actually be in in the middle of 70,000 friends that you have not met yet. Somebody will have extras of the things you forgot.