To (apply to) join our dusty dancing community you must:

  • Update your Burning Man profile (we are a theme camp). Remember which email address you used for camp registration.

  • Fill out the camp registration form, even if you are on the fence about attending (it asks the question).

  • Join google group: ContraBurners2022(*) (Low traffic but required for document sharing).

  • Please join the private contraburners FB group and enable notifications. It may be used for discussion.

In addition we strongly encourage you to:

The registration form is needed for basic contact info, etc. We will use Google docs with shared write for assembling camp plans and logistics. We will be using some combination of email, Facebook and perhaps other media for planning conversations.

We request that all campers be contra dancers, oldtime musicians or active in related arts in the default world. The Google group signup asks for the sponsoring organization of your home dance as a security question. Although we have never rejected membership by a bona fide contradancer, we do reserve the right to vet campers.

(*) Click "Request to Join" while logged in to your Google account or add a non-Google email address by sending a email message to, and following the instructions in the returned message. You must also subscribe with your gmail or other google domain address.

Updated for 2022