Camp Information

Information for anybody who might want to camp with us on the Playa and Ticket Faeries.


    • Join - register for camp, join our lists, FB etc: let us know about you.

    • Spread the word - Invite your friends.

    • Expectations - What we plan to provide for campers and expect from campers.

    • Talent - Information for callers, bands and others special skills.

    • Camp Fees - The big item is the Burning Man ticket itself.

    • Help us build camp together with Camp Planning.

    • Playa Prep - Camp specific advice on packing and preparing yourself for Burning Man

    • Master Checklist - A one stop check list of everything that you need to do. IT GETS UPDATED as we move forward.

    • Calendar - Find out about the dances planned for this year!

See Entry Tickets for hints and checklists for getting Burning Man entry tickets.