Main Sale

Checklist for purchasing tickets through the main (lottery) sale:

  1. Have reviewed and can comply with the polices at (summarized on the Entry Tickets page.)

  2. Have a VISA or Mastercard credit or debit card that can carry nearly $1400 for two entry tickets, one vehicle pass and fees (yes please buy everything if you can);

  3. Nobody else is using the same card to purchases tickets;

  4. Have updated your profile at;

  5. Have registered for camp (specifically joined the googlegroup and filled out the camp registration form);

  6. Will monitor your camp email address for some hints and advice not on this public page;

  7. Have a reasonably current laptop or desktop computer with a modern browser (smart phones are risky);

  8. Have a reasonably reliable and fast internet connection;

  9. Anticipate your bank asking “Is this really authorized?”

    • Be prepared to answer a phone call or message from your bank during the transaction (and you may need to re-run it);

    • Consider notifying them in advance of a planned large event ticket transaction;

  10. You MUST preregister for the main sale between noon March 23rd and noon March 25 (Not Time critical)

    • Go to, login, find and click "Register for [main] sale".

  11. Main sale Starts: 12pm (noon) PDT March 30 - Do not be even 1 minute late (VERY TIME CRITICAL)

    • It may take a couple of hours to complete

All times are Noon Pacific Time, which is is 3:00 PM Eastern, 2:00 PM Central and 1:00 PM Mountain.

Please see the Entry Tickets page for an overview of the entire process.

Revised: 2022-03-13