Camp is a cooperative effort - we all build camp together as a gift to each each other and the Playa. See our mission statement.

We are a working camp, full of people dedicated to advancing Contradance on the playa and in the default world. We provide meals and substantial resources but also require substantial contributions from everybody. Ideally every camp member would contribute time, energy, money and other resources equally but clearly this is not practical. Some people have specialized talents such as calling, music or sound engineering, others bring time, energy, or labor. Some bring finances or special resources, such as sound equipment. We must all strive for balance. Some specifics:

Through everybody's cooperative effort, camp is expecting to provide:

  • An organized well run camp;

  • 30' x 60' dance floor with a shade tent;

  • live sound stage;

  • Water;

  • Food: one substantial evening meal plus low prep breakfast and portable lunch. (Normally vegan with supplemental meat or dairy on the side);

  • Camping shade for tents;

  • Backup camping gear: tents (good risk), sleeping bags (not a good risk);

  • About 2 dozen bicycles (If you can bring more, that would be great!);

  • Publicity through BMIR, the WWWW book and other channels;

Like everything else at Burning Man, all plans are speculative and subject to the mercy of the Playa.

All camp members are expected to:

    • Read and follow the Burning Man Survival Guide and related instructions;

    • With special emphasis on the 10 principles, and especially "Leave no Trace";

    • Join Contraburners mailing lists, discussion groups, etc on the Join page.

    • Follow the camper information on this website for instructions and updates (especially Camp Planning and Master Checklist);

    • Use Google docs to contribute their ideas and energy to camp planning;

    • Participate in camp chores: setup, cooking, dishes, teardown, packing, mooping, etc;

    • Bring emergency food and water for the trip in and out;

    • Bring in an appropriate load of food, water and other supplies, depending on drive origin;

    • Carry an appropriate share of camp trash out;

    • Dance angel (dance, teach, mentor or partner beginners) during most dances;

    • If you drop out for some reason, make your ticket available for other people on the camp wait list;

    • Spend time on the playa away from camp, including during some dances;

    • No visible illicit activities or use of illicit substances;

    • Treat others as they would like to be treated: no harassment, etc;

    • Follow the principles laid out in B.E.D.; and

    • Bring a positive, loving and giving spirit towards everybody in camp and on the playa.