Mailing Tickets

  • Confirm:

    • That all necessary green paper or what ever has been exchanged as necessary.

    • That the recipient's postal address is accurate and if they have a secure mailbox.

    • The recipient's preference for "insured" and/or "signature required".

    • (If the recipient has a secure mailbox, requiring a signature can be a hardship, fraught with it's own risks.)

  • I generally recommend mailing tickets via US postal service using a double envelope as follows:

    • Make the inner envelope by folding a sheet of paper as you would fold a letter (typically in half top to bottom, and then tri-fold side-to-side).

    • Put the tickets inside and tape or staple the ends of the inner envelope.

    • Write the address on the inner envelope, and place it in a conventional envelope, addressed in the usual way.

    • Be very careful to make the zip code clear enough to be accurately scanned by automatic mail sorting equipment - no smudges or crooked digits.

  • Mail the tickets "Certified", which gets you a tracking number.

    • If the recipient's mailbox is not secure, consider "insured" and/or "signature required", AT THE RECIPIENT'S PREFERENCE.

    • Email the tracking number (or tracking URL) to the recipient.

  • If the recipient wants the paper survival guide

    • Consider a sperate envelope (would the weight risk the tickets?)

      • Which sometimes arrives first

    • Fold once lengthwise

    • It probably requires 2 stamps