Low Income

Students are likely to be eligible for low income tickets, and may have a substantial advantage over other ticket purchasers. Less than 10% of main sale ticket purchases are successful, while it seems that every eligible low-income applicant has been successful*.

There is a substantial online application that requires proof of income and essays.

Program summary and hints

We don't know the income threshold. We suspect that you might be OK above the poverty level, but don't know. One person guessed $20K.

Any other ticket purchase or transfer invalidates your low income application or ticket. We think that attempting (and failing) the main sale is OK.

They ask for detailed answers to about 10 questions, requiring at least a long paragraph each:

  • What you do for a living;

  • why you feel you are a good candidate for a low-income ticket;

  • how will you uphold the 10 principles;

  • how will you contribute to the Playa;

  • etc.

After you write the short essays for each question, you also have to upload proof of income and expenses. (Scans or photographs of tax forms, etc.)

One camper noted: It took months to get a reply, but the application was approved. It seemed to be important to put a lot of time and thought into the essays.

Read carefully the directions for the Low Income Ticket Program.

* More specifically we are unaware of any contra dancers who attempted and failed to qualify for low income tickets.

New: 2020