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Entry Tickets (overview)

Getting Burning Man Entry Tickets is the hardest part of coming to camp.

If there is ANY chance you want to come, Please try to purchase tickets in the main sale.  It is far easier to change your mind from yes to no than from no to yes.

There are multiple paths....  start here.

Please read the official ticket information at  Key points:
  • DO NOT buy or resell tickets for more than their face value.
  • One pair of tickets per person and per credit card.  You and your Significant Other can each buy a pair of tickets on different credit cards.
  • Tickets are sold in waves: presale; Directed Group Sale (DGS); Main; STEP; OMG; and Low income.  
  • Each wave has different prices, rules, registration and deadlines.  (See the table below).
  • You must setup or update your burning man profile.  This is NOT registration by itself.
  • During the announced registration window, your profile page will show a link or button "Register for [...] sale".  You MUST click through to register.
  • The checklist on the Main Sale page apply to all BMORG sales, with slightly different details such as dates.

2019 Summary of the important sale info (Everything starts or ends at Noon Pacific Time):
  Registration Sale Comments
 Main Sale Apr 3-5 Apr 10 23,000 tickets.  See the Main Sale page.
 FOMOMar 13-15 Mar 20 4000 tickets, $1,400 each
 Camp Ticket Exchange Not BMORG  See camp ticket exchange.
 STEP Sellers Yes* TBD Please use the camp ticket exchange first.
 STEP Buyers Yes* TBD First come first served - apply as early as possible
 After Market Not BMORG  See After Market advice.
 Low Income Feb 12 - Ap 17  Requires application with documentation. See the 2019 Low Income Ticket page.
 OMG July 24 July 27 Approx 3000 tickets at $550 each.
This list is not exhaustive.  Please see for all the details.

*These sales require a burning man profile, but not preregistration.

Updated 2019-02-26