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Get Tickets

Getting Burning Man tickets is the hardest part of coming to camp.

If there is ANY chance you want to come, Please try to purchase tickets.  It is far easier to change your mind from yes to no than no to yes.

There are multiple paths....

Please read the official ticket information at  Key points:
  • DO NOT resell tickets for more than their face value.
  • One pair of tickets per person and per credit card.  You and your SO can each buy a pair of tickets on different credit cards.  (e.g. one of you can Ticket Faerie so others can come.)
  • Tickets are sold in waves: presale; Directed Group Sale (DGS); Main; STEP; OMG; and Low income.
  • Each wave has different prices, rules, registration and deadlines.  (See for details).
  • You must setup or update your burning man profile.  This is NOT registration by itself.
  • During the announced registration window, you profile page will show a link or button "Register for [...] sale".  You MUST click through to register.
  • (Main sale registration: Wednesday, March 22 - Noon Pacific Time, March 24, 2017)
  • We will announce deadlines as they approach. 
General ticket purchasing advice:
  • You MUST register on your profile page during the announced registration window before you can buy tickets.
  • Internet and Computer quality matter.  Be well connected and up-to-date.
  • Cell phones may be a bad risk.
  • Do not be even one minute late for the start of the sale.
  • Create or update your ticketfly account ahead of time.   Make sure you know the password and confirm the shipping information, etc.
  • Some people have recommended notifying your bank in advance of a large purchase.   Some banks will try to confirm large transactions in real time, which can cause you to need to run the transaction twice, if you can't answer the call or txt from your bank quickly enough.
Camp specific ticket exchange:
  • We will set up a camp ticket exchange. -- We will underwrite the risk getting stuck with extra tickets as long as you are registered for camp (Get Connected) and Matt has physical possession of unsold tickets by August.
  • Even if you can't come, it would be a huge help to be a Ticket Faerie and buy tickets for others.
Mailing Tickets
  • Confirm that the postal address is accurate and that the recipient has a secure mailbox.
  • I generally recommend mailing tickets via US postal service using a double envelope as follows:
    • Make the inner envelope by folding a sheet of paper as you would fold a letter (typically in half top to bottom, and then tri-fold in the other direction).
    • Put the tickets inside and tape or staple the ends of the inner envelope.
    • Write the address on the inner envelope, and place it in a conventional envelope, addressed in the usual way.
    • Be very careful to make the zip code clear enough to be accurately scanned by automatic mail sorting equipment - no smudges or crooked digits.
  • If the recipient's mailbox is not secure, consider "insured" and/or "signature required", AT THE RECIPIENT'S PREFERENCE.
    • (If the recipient has a secure mailbox, requiring a signature can be a hardship, fraught with it's own risks.)
fter market (Craig's list) ticket purchasing advice: